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Ro20 | Ro24
BMX Race

weight 1,5/1,7 kg
(Size M, black anodised)

1729 €*

Image shows custom frame: Ro20 | Ro24
Color: black anodised

1729 € *

Warranty: 5 years
*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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This model is only available as custom built frame.
Please contact us.


If you have never been on a BMX race bike you really should try it. In terms of acceleration and quickness there is nothing that compares. When we began to develop a BMX race bike in 2005, we didn’t even want to attempt to build something economical or low-tech. We just wanted the best BMX build - that means a frame with a superb stiffness to weight ratio and a superior geometry designed for victories. In the development of the Ro20 BMX we were proactively supported by the Swiss BMX champions Roger Rinderknecht and Yvan Lapraz. The Ro20 was only built for one purpose: Victory. In 2007, Yvan Lapraz became BMX world champion on a production Nicolai Ro20.

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Production UFO ST powder coating
NICOLAI factory 02 turning lathe
Production drop-outs CNC

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