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World cup 4X Race | Dual Race

weight 2,1 kg (Size M, Black anodised)

1629 €*

Picture shows custom frame: GATES NICOLAI Custom Team Frame
Size: M
Color: blue ano

slideable dropouts only with tailor made upcharge
2795 € *

Warranty: 2 years
*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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This model is only available as custom built frame.
Please contact us.


When a BMXTB is intended for use as a pure 4-X race bike or BMX cruiser you can specify the frame with an extra light tubeset and lighter weight machined parts. It then becomes the BMXTB Race. At least half a pound of weight can be saved this way giving the potential for even faster starts and sprints. However, in its race incarnation you don’t get safety margin that allows the regular BMXTB to be given unlimited hardcore usage and abuse - this is a race machine only. In this year’s 4-X world cup Gates-Nicolai Team rider David Graf was breathing down Jarret Graves' neck. Fingers crossed he’ll pass him next season on his BMXTB race.

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Production drop-outs CNC

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