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Helius AM

Travel 136 - 171 mm

Weight 3,35 kg (Size M, black anodised, excl. shock)

1899 €*

Image shows: Helius AM

Size: M
Colour: purple / black anodized
Extra Love: purple / black anodized
Weight: 3,90kg
Shock: Rock Shox Vivid Air R2C

2549 € *

Warranty: 5 years

*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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If we consider travel in a category on its own, the Helius AM is now facing a challenger from within its own family. But the Helius AM has got nothing to be afraid of. In its fourth phase of development, the Helius AM has received a stylish design made of CNC machined parts from the head tube to the dropouts. Over the four years since production started, it has achieved top positions at many Megavalanche races and has also won a German championship title at the Mad East Challenge Enduro race this year. The Helius AM, equipped with the best up to date technology, with its characteristic Helius silhouette, (derived from the legendary 1997 Trombone), has become a modern design classic.


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PDF RADO De-/Montage Abb. 17-fig_rado_09_2.pdf
PDF RADO De-/Montage Anl. 18-rado_09_4.pdf
PDF Schwinge De-/Montage Abb. 20-fig_schwinge_swingarm_09_5.pdf
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PDF Nadel- Gleitlager Montage Abb. 15-fig_nadelgleitlager_needlebushbearing_09_5.pdf
PDF Gleitlager mit Bund De-/Montage Anl. 22-gleitlagerbund_collarbearing_09_5.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Anl. 14-lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_5.pdf
PDF Lagervorspanneinheit De-/Montage Abb. 13-fig_lagervorspanneinheit_bearingpreloaddevice_09_5.pdf
PDF Steckachsnabe Anl. 40-steckachsnaben_rearthruaxle_09_4.pdf
PDF Dämpfer De-/Montage Anl. 09-daempfermontage_shockinstallation_09_5.pdf
PDF Dämpfer Einstellungen Anl. 10-daempfereinstellungen_shockadjustments_09_5.pdf
PDF Federwegseinstellung 08-federwegseinstellung_traveladjustments_09_5.pdf
PDF Federwege 2008 und 2009 49-federweg-he-am-2008+2009_1.pdf
PDF Federwege 2010 50-federweg-he-am-2010.pdf
factory clip 1
NICOLAI factory 02 turning lathe
NICOLAI production powder coating
Schneidi Magdeburger Weg Helius AM

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