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Argon AM Pinion
All Mountain / Enduro

Gates Carbon Drive ready

Weight 5,3 kg (Size M, black anodised, excl. shock)

2869 €*

Image shows: Argon AM Pinion

Size: L
Colour: bright white glossy
Extra Love: gold anodized
Weight: 5,94kg
Features: Gates Carbon Drive Center Track

3143 € *

Warranty: 5 years

*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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In autumn 2011 our team riders Daniel Jahn and „Schneidi“ came up with the idea of building their own enduro hardtails for winter training. Schneidi’s bike was to be total low-maintenance in order to spend as much time as possible out on the trails. For Daniel it was more about the hardtail feeling, which he really liked on his 4X-bike. Both are racers, so for both riders the Argon FR was too tame. So they wondered what the ideal enduro hardtail could look like. Both went for a slacker head angle and Schneidi chose a longer top tube because “length does run”. Daniel preferred a low center of gravity instead and experimented on how low the bottom bracket can be without having a touchdown in technical terrain. The new 142x12mm thru axle dropouts help with wheel changes thanks to the axle guides and the post-mount can take a 180 disk brake without needing an adapter. When both frames were ready they realized that the combination of both bikes would be the perfect enduro hardtail. In an outstanding performance at the Megavalanche 2012, Schneidi proved that the Argon AM can even manage the toughest terrain! The Pinion gear box offers 18 speed and an overall gear ratio of 636% - more than any other derailleur system or internal gear hub. The gearbox is perfectly integrated into the bicycle frame and it requires almost no maintenance. The centered balance and the lighter rear wheel have a positive influence on handling, the driving dynamics and rear-end suspension performance. The transmission responds instantaneously to switching commands. Almost all NICOLAI models can be equipped with the Pinion P1.18 gearbox, exept these: ION 20, ION 16 and Nicolai E-Boxx models.


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