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Helius AC Pinion
All Mountain / Enduro

Travel: 140 / 150 mm

Weight 6,3 kg (Size M, black anodised, excl. shock)

3619 €*

Image shows: Helius AC Pinion

Size: M
Colour: blue anodized
Extra Love: blue anodised, raw
Rear suspension: RS Monarch Plus RC 3
Weight: 6,65kg (as shown)
Price: 4547 €*

Warranty: 5 years
*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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Ask your typical biker what their favourite type of riding is and the answer is almost always the same: singletrack! It’s the narrow hidden trails that follow the contour lines of a ridge or a river valley that provide the biggest highs in our sport: adventure, nature, thrills and flow. In order to get the maximum joy of riding on singletrack you need a bike that climbs as well as it descends. You need a bike that is lively and agile but with enough travel to be plush and stable on the downhills. The Helius AC unites these features in one bike. The low slung, compact, frame and short chain stays all contribute to its excellent trail handling.150 mm of rear travel allow you to take the roughest lines but, thanks to the patented Horst-Link suspension system, the AC is a very efficient climber too. With the Helius AC we really have created the perfect all rounder. The Pinion gear box offers 18 speed and an overall gear ratio of 636% - more than any other derailleur system or internal gear hub. The gearbox is perfectly integrated into the bicycle frame and it requires almost no maintenance. The centered balance and the lighter rear wheel have a positive influence on handling, the driving dynamics and rear-end suspension performance. The transmission responds instantaneously to switching commands. Almost all NICOLAI models can be equipped with the Pinion P1.18 gearbox, exept these: ION 20, ION 16 and Nicolai E-Boxx models.


[Helius AC Linkage Ratio]

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