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Helius TB

Travel 130 mm

Weight 2,6 kg (Size M, black anodised, excl. shock)

1999 €*

Image shows: Helius TB

Size: M
Colour: black / gold anodized
Extra Love: gold anodized
Weight: 2,80kg
Shock: Rock Shox Monarch RT 3

2389 € *

Warranty: 5 years

*prices valid for Germany only, incl. 19% VAT
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In North America there are 3 different types of bike categories. CC, Trail/AM and FR/DH. The FR/DH category mirrors the European FR/DH category. CC-bikes in North America are bikes that are designed for maximum efficiency when going uphill but they sacrifice a lot of downhill qualities. Trail/AM bikes are designed for maximum riding fun, particularly on the downhill sections. According to this definition a bike with 150mm of travel counts as a CC-bike because it climbs up hills like a mountain goat but it doesn’t go downhill as well as one would expect. The reason for this lies in the geometry and the suspension kinematics – and that’s something we know plenty about. So according to this definition we don’t built CC-bikes! One could assume the Helius TB is a tame fully suspended cross-country bike but in fact it’s a good honest trail bike reduced the bare necessities. It’s light and perfect for climbing like its predecessor, the Helius RC. However, thanks to the new suspension kinematics and the new rocker design it fights its way along the trail like the Helius AC. You will certainly find bikes that take you up the hill faster, but on single-trails no bike of 130mm will put a bigger smile on your face!


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